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What I Learned In Chile

In 2018, I went with a team of 10 on a week-long mission trip to Chile. We stayed with a family in their home on top of a mountain to help them prepare to house orphans. We traveled to the neighboring villages of Hurtado, Coquimbo, and Vicuña to put on church services and show God’s love to the Chilean people. It was an exhausting but beautiful week that taught me a few things about the world we live in and the God we serve.

God Is So Big

Being a speck in humongous mountains bigger than I could ever have imagined is humbling. Due to travel delays, it took us 46 hours to reach our destination. It took 46 hours to cross a world God created in six days. If the mountains are so big and the earth is so big, how much bigger must God be? His power is overwhelming. It touches all the people of every nation: the ones who call Him “Señor” and the ones who call Him “Lord.” The faith of every individual around the world is still not enough to equal His grandeur. He is big enough to be the realest thing in the world to every human on earth.

There is something about separating from the chaos of the human-made city and spending time in God’s creation that makes you feel like you can see His character. Yes, cities are vast, but differently so. The scale of a city makes it feel like hundreds of crammed people are alone together. The mountains are a unifying kind of big. They tangibly show God’s all-encompassing nature. We can stand together, look up at the stars, and know that the same stars, as well as the same God, surround us all.

But He Is Also In The Little Things

God may be unbelievably big, but He is also present in the little things. What we did in Chile was not earth-shattering, but I like to think that God still used it to serve His purpose. You see, it is His power that allows Him to be in a silly skit about salsa performed for neighborhood children. He can work through an English worship song sung to a Spanish-speaking crowd. He can use just a few pesos taken from a wealthy American pocket and placed in the outstretched, tear-soaked hand of a woman struggling to feed her family.

I have heard a lot of people criticize short-term mission trips. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with leaving your comfort zone to share God’s love. Do you have to go abroad to do so? Of course not. But it can be a spiritually revitalizing experience if you do. If we made absolutely no difference in Chile to 99 percent of the people we talked to, it was still worth it for that 1 percent. Even if we touched only a single person with our Gospel message, it was worth a trip half-way around the world. Jesus leaves the 99 sheep to go after the one that is lost. If one soul is worth His time, it is worth a week of mine.

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