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The Many Roles Of God

We serve a very complex God. I mean, it makes sense that a being who is all-powerful, transcends time and space, and created the entire universe would be complicated. We can’t even comprehend most of His character. Loving but just and forgiving but righteous. And don’t even get me started on the Trinity: Three Persons in one God, able to communicate with each other and have relationships with each other, but part of a whole. No matter how much we want it to be as easy to understand as the three parts of an apple or an egg, we will never be able to grasp the nature of God in this life. However, we still seek to know as much as we can about God. We assign Him roles based on the status of our relationship with Him and try to understand our God the only way we know how.


God does not change, but humans are quite fickle creatures. We look at God differently depending on our own needs. God is always our Savior, but we tend to see this role more clearly when we have messed up in a big way. It’s only natural. Sin has a way of taking over our lives until it is all we can see when we look in the mirror. However, there is hope in knowing that Christ’s sacrificial love freed us from guilt, even before we were born. When we have frittered away everything in this life, we can look to God as the Savior who pulls us up from the rubble and helps us stand on our feet again. I don’t know about you, but I need that kind of help more than I would like to admit.


We see God as our Heavenly Father when things are going wrong, but it isn’t necessarily our fault. The Father is someone we can depend on when we are weak. We go to Him for advice and trust in His wisdom. When everyone else has forsaken or disappointed us, we have a God we can turn to who will love us unconditionally. He is the unseen support in times of need. He is the one we cry out to in the lonely nights. He is the Father who will never abandon His precious child.


In my experience, we tend to view God as a friend when life is going well. It is easier to remember God when we desperately need Him, but it is just as essential to foster our relationship with Him in the good times. So, we take these calms in the storm of life to finally turn our attention off our needy selves and find out a little bit more about who God is. It becomes like a back-and-forth conversation. When I don’t have anything to ask for, I tell God about my day like I would a friend. I focus my attention on listening more to what He is trying to tell me about His plan for my life. In these quiet moments, we commune with God on a deeper level to strengthen the relationship, and we get to see how God acts as a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

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