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Living With Your Best Friend

I have had the same best friend for over a decade, since fifth grade. We grew up together, faced life together, and now we have lived together as college roommates for the past four years. (Side note: We live with our two other best friends who we met freshman year, but this article is about transitioning into living with a longtime best friend. So, I’m not going to talk about them here, but if they read this, I want them to know they are loved too.) Anyway, here are the things you can look forward to if you plan on sharing a living space with your best friend:

Learning New Things

I had known my best friend for eight years before we moved into a college dorm together. Our high school was crazy small, so we had every class together and basically spent over half our time together for those eight years straight. We were together so much in the summers that she essentially lived at my house. All this to say that I knew her pretty well by that point. But when you start living with someone, you get to know them on a whole other level. For example, I learned that she likes to make random noises 24/7. I learned that it could be dead quiet and she will burst out laughing at something she sees on her phone. I also learned that when she is upset, she wants space more than comfort. It’s been a learning curve, but we’ve adapted and grown closer because of it.

Watch The Evolution

You also get a front-row view of the changes your best friend may be going through. People are continually growing and evolving, and it can be hard to keep up. But getting to see and check-in with your best friend every day helps you understand each other and stay on the same page through whatever life may throw at you both. Especially in college, students face so much transition and lots of hard decisions. Because of that, my best friend and I have gone through some rough patches in the past few years. But living together has made it easier for us to grow together instead of unevenly. We can support each other daily without the added burden of dealing with distance as well.

24/7 Sleepover

The best part is that you always come home to someone you can tell everything to. No time is too late to spill your soul or laugh about your day. Every night is fair game to be movie night. You understand each other’s different interests and schedules and learn to be intentional about setting aside time for each other. Life can get crazy, and sometimes living together does not mean you see each other. So, you make sure to always be available for a late-night catch up whenever one of you need it. You don’t have to do anything special because you are already so comfortable with each other. Just being together is enough to make you feel like those silly ten-year-olds who used to dance around the playground making up songs. No matter what happens, you know they are there for you, physically as well as emotionally, so you continuously remind yourself to treasure this time while it lasts.

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