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Existential Phases Everyone Goes Through In College

Did I Make The Right Choice?

In high school, everyone makes you feel like choosing a college will be the biggest decision of your life. Teachers, parents, and counselors encourage you to take prep courses, do extracurriculars, and do community service to be able to have your pick of higher education. However, the truth is that one day, your college choice will become one line on your resume. Yes, you will presumably be spending the next four years there…unless you transfer. No decision is irreversible. Will Harvard look better than clown college when you are trying to get a job? Probably. However, as long as you have some experience or some sort of degree, a lot of employers don’t care whether you are in the top 5 percent or not. So, worrying about whether you made the right choice of college is pointless. Just make the best of where you are.

Is This Really What I Want To Do With My Life?

This one will most likely come and go throughout your college career. You have one boring or hard class, and it makes you question everything. Am I really cut out for this? Do I really like this? Do I want to be stuck with this for the rest of my life? However you end up answering those questions, here’s another secret: Your degree does not define you, especially as an undergrad student. If you just picked a random degree that sounded interesting and now feel trapped, you are not alone.

A lot of students feel that way. However, you may not have to rearrange your whole schedule and add two more years to your degree plan. If you really come to hate your major, you don’t have to find a job in that field. Especially for the more generic departments like business, psychology, and communication, the skills you learn in those classes can lead to jobs in pretty much anything. My own father got a psychology degree, then became a lawyer. Sitting in class is often not a good way to tell if you are going to enjoy the actual field. You need to get out there and experience it. However, if you really do regret your choice, don’t stress. Although if you are in something specific like pre-med or nursing and decide you hate it, get out now. It may not be ideal, but there is nothing shameful about not graduating on time to avoid years of practicals and labs that make you want to die.

I Just Wanna Graduate Already!

This thought usually comes around the Sophomore slump and hangs around until it becomes senioritis. You feel like classes are a waste of time and want to start experiencing real life. You are sick of having rules to follow and teachers to impress. Grades seem pointless because unless you want to go to grad school, no employer is going to ask what grade you got in Intro to Life in the Sea. It seems like the monotony of classes will never end, until the next phase kicks in…

I Never Wanna Graduate!

This phase will most likely start and end your college experience. Freshman year, you are meeting new people, tasting freedom for the first time, and just loving life. You embrace college life and never want it to end. However, then it all gets old, and you can’t wait to move on to the next chapter, until just before graduation. During senior year, you may feel checked out and ready to spread your wings. However, eventually, during the year, the reality is going to set in. You realize you are about to be kicked out into the cruel world of corporations, taxes, rent, and cubicles. Everyone in the world is asking you about “post-grad plans,” and you just want to figure out how to make it through your last year, not worry about the rest of your life. It starts slowly hitting you that college has been a nice safe bubble with all your best friends surrounding you and no horribly terrifying responsibilities. But no matter how much you put off plans and job interviews, soon enough, you’ll find yourself walking across the stage in a cap and gown, missing the days of ramen noodles and late-night study sessions. They say college is the best years of your life. Don’t forget to enjoy them while you can.

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