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7 Simple Gadgets And Appliances That Make Your Life Better

1. Towel Warmer

We all know the feeling of pulling back the curtain after a nice warm shower only to be hit with a blast of cold air, then struggling to dry off and get dressed while shivering and wishing the shower had never ended. This wonderful invention solves that problem beautifully. Before your shower, just throw your towel (and clothes if you want to go crazy) into the towel warm and hit the button. Fifteen minutes later, you feel like you are snuggled in a warm blanket. It may motivate you to take faster showers too!

2. Mini Rice Cooker

Yes, regular rice cookers are great, especially if you need to feed more than one person, but the real innovation is in the mini rice cooker. With just a half cup of rice and a half cup of water, I can cook the perfect amount of rice for a single serving in around 10 minutes. No more worrying about stickiness, over-cooking, or under-cooking. You can even leave the rice cooker on for as long as you want because many of them will automatically switch to a warming mode when the rice is finished. It’s perfect for a fast and lazy dinner.

3. Projection Alarm Clock

The genius behind this one is a little more subtle. When a clock projects the time onto the ceiling, it may seem like the only thing it saves you from is turning your head 90 degrees to look at the nightstand. But if you have trouble waking up in the mornings as I do, that small change can make all the difference. When my alarm goes off, I fumble around and blindly switch it off. Then I wake up after the third snooze, confused about how many times I turned off the alarm, but still reluctant to get out of bed. When all I have to do is open my eyes to see the time, I am much more likely to finally get out of bed than if I have to find the motivation to lift myself and turn to look at the clock. Maybe I’m just lazy, but every trick to help me get moving in the morning helps.

4. Floor Light Sensor

This has saved me from tripping over nothing more than once. If you put one of these small lights under a piece of furniture or along the wall, it will come on as you walk by, illuminating midnight trips to the bathroom without having to turn on an overhead light and practically blind yourself when you just wanted to safely reach the toilet.

5. Heating Pad

Every household needs a heating pad. Girls know they can be miracle relief when it’s that time of the month. But beyond that, you never know when you are going to need one, and they are great in a pinch (or for a pinched nerve). A kink in your neck, sleeping wrong on your back, or a pulled muscle are all unexpected reasons to keep a heating pad handy just in case.

6. Lamp Remote

These are great because you can plug them into anything that requires an outlet. Get creative! You can make two lamps always come on at the same time. You can make your Christmas lights dance from across the room instead of having to climb under those pokey bristles every day. You can even turn off the lights in the whole house from your bed.

7. Light-Up/Dancing Speaker

Everyone has one of those expense Bose speakers, so why not change it up? Go for something more creative like a speaker that lights up in time to the music or one that shoots water when the bass drops. It may not make your life easier, but it does make it a whole lot more fun.

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