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7 Best Sources For News

As a journalist, I can be picky about where I get my news. We are inundated with media in today’s culture, and news can come from our kitchen tables, our living rooms, our pockets, or pretty much anywhere else with a screen. So, here are the best sources to trust and ways to sift through the rest of the noise and fake news. In no particular order:

The New York Post

I need to be transparent here: I interned at The New York Post over the summer, so I’m not exactly a neutral judge. But, in my utterly biased opinion, The Post is the best source for news about the biggest city in the country. It provides national news that every other news outlet covers plus the bonus of the wild hijinks that only happen in NYC. Find subway bandits, old-timers with machetes, and more at America’s oldest daily newspaper still in print.

The New York Times

No list of go-to news sources is complete without The New York Times. While The NY Post leans right, The NY Times is on the other end of the spectrum. The New York Times is the most popular paper in the US for a reason. It covers the most important stories, gets the biggest scoops, and has a killer crossword puzzle to boot.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post is the main competition of The New York Times, but they each have their niche. The papers are as different as the cities from which they report. New York is down-and-dirty city life. Washington watches the high-brow politicians. Both typically report the same immediate stories, but the competition has inspired each to develop its own voice. Capitol Hill is a far cry from Times Square, but each has an essential place in the news cycle.

The Wallstreet Journal

The Wallstreet Journal targets the more sophisticated reader. As the name would suggest, it focuses on the business angles of the news, and tends to have a more objective, fact-based tone.

Associated Press

The Associated Press sends out wire stories to a lot of other news sources, both local and national. If the story just broke and all you see is the same paragraph repeated from every news site you look at, chances are it came from The Associated Press. So why not cut out the middle man and get the story straight from the horse’s mouth?


Indeed, Buzzfeed is not known for its news. Most people follow it for the cute videos, witty listicles, and fun quizzes. But Buzzfeed can also be an excellent way to switch up your daily news. It has cultivated its news side, becoming a legitimate source for what’s going on in the world.

Google News

Google News is a handy little tool. You can hand-pick the sources you like and see the top stories from various places all in one spot. This aspect can help you recognize trends of what the most important stories are and have an overview of the news when you only have a few minutes to get caught up.

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